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Tribunals are damaging enough in distraction and cost, however, the damage inflicted by Paul Moore, (Ex-Head of Group Regulatory Risk, HBOS) is in a different category. Moore’s evidence to the House of Commons Treasury Committee is interesting reading. Has the practice of ‘buying off’ employees with an accompanying confidentiality clause made organisations lazy? With the downturn making it hard for employees to move on, the financial and reputational risks of mishandling staff concerns are greater. With markets so challenging, why do organisations increase their costs and reduce their agility and customer focus by failing to nip potential problems in the bud?

? How functional is your performance management framework? Form heavy, impact light? Everyone assessed as mid to high?

? Do your team managers avoid ‘the soft stuff’?

Next steps

  • Talk to us about how to improve delivery of the hard ‘soft’ stuff – practical performance management skills.  And about improving the use and impact of your existing appraisal system.

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