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So, why use people?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Robo Manager cheaper to run, 24/7 and no EQ problems

Robo Manager cheaper to run, 24/7 and no EQ problems

The news that Wells Fargo management used ‘robo’ signers to approve mortgage foreclosures caught our eye*. Also in the frame for similar practices are JP Morgan Chase and GMAC Mortgage (Ally Bank). The Wells Fargo VP of Loan Documentation giving evidence in a Florida lawsuit said she only checked if her name and title were correct on the documents. She also signed affadavits stating she had “personal knowledge of the facts regarding the sums of money which are due and owing to Wells Fargo”. These were used in foreclosure proceedings.

This information raises intriguing questions, not least what is the purpose of managers in such institutions? Does the process manage the manager, or does the manager add some value by managing? And even if the (automated?) process worked as designed (aka those affavdavits), then the fact that the lawyers are able to leverage it, shows a management failure with added cost to the organisation. Was the organisational effort to deal with the historically challenging volume of foreclosures such that sight was lost of treating customers (and thus the market) with proper respect? Where were the supervisory and audit functions in the organisations?

What we find most confusing of all is that, if all that was required from management was a signature, why didn’t they use an automatic signature machine? After all why pay people, and put up with all that unpredictability and emotion?

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* See 14/10/10

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