The Business Risk Challenge

There are significant business risks in every aspect of running an organisation successfully, from daily decision making and commercial judgement, to people, team and performance management.

The Business Risk Challenge gives your managers and future talent, the skills to add measurable value to your business.

  • Improves their ability to identify and manage business risk automatically and proactively.
  • Delivers increased agility and revenue as they meet business objectives on time and on budget.
  • Focuses on your business and understanding the challenges of the market in which you operate.
  • Develops leadership, influencing and team working competence.

The Business Risk Challenge should be played by businesses that are:

  • Serious about substantially improving business performance and profitability.
  • Growing and needing to retain focus.
  • Going through change or re-organisation.
  • Too busy delivering the business to take time for management development.
  • Confronted by rapidly moving and changing markets.

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